Stories Behind the Smiles

What are Stories Behind the Smiles?

Stories Behind the Smiles is the newest guest segment to be featured on It showcases deep, meaningful stories told by extraordinary people – such as yourself – that have overcome (or are still working through) hurdles that life has dealt to them. They continue to remain positive while moving through the obstacles. These stories are made to encourage and empower you to concur all life’s obstacles with grace.


Submitting Your Story

I want to personally thank you for wanting to share your story. Opening up will not only bring inner peace to yourself, but it will also help others struggling with similar issues in their own lives.

The requirements are:
– No more than 1200 words (unless previously discussed), and no less than 300 words
– Grammar, spelling and punctuation must be correct (otherwise it will be fixed through editing)

– You can include photos (colouring may be edited to fit blog theme)
– Please send me what ever social media’s you would like to have linked back to you in the post (so people can find you) – if you don’t want any, that is fine
– You CAN remain anonymous if you would like

Once the post goes live, I will be promoting it on all of my social media, and unless you would like it to remain anonymous, I would love if you would share it too!

I can’t wait to read your story! I know it will help so many other amazing women like yourself!

Writing piece: word document or PDF
Photos: jpeg format

Please submit the photos and writing piece to: with the subject line “Stories Behind the Smiles”.