Should You Buy That House?

Should you buy a house with problems? Is the “fixer-upper” more than what you’ve bargained for? Some problems aren’t an issue – most houses have them. However, sometimes the risks are just too much and it’s better off to walk away from the house. There is a perfect house out there for you, it just might take some digging to find. If you have the time, money, and patience to purchase a house that you want to fix up, keep in mind the following things to look for before purchasing any home (as you might be getting in over your head!).

It is important to always have a home inspection done before purchasing any new home. A good home inspector will be able to find any problems with your home, and will have them laid out for you in a home inspection report.



These problems shouldn’t sway you from purchasing a house. They are minor, and easily fixable once you purchase (or you could have it covered by the current owner under certain circumstances).

  • Nonworking appliances
  • Dirt and grime
  • Inadequate water heater
  • Hairline settling cracks in the foundation
  • Leaky faucets



These items may be a bit more costly to fix. It wouldn’t hurt to get a second opinion before purchasing the house.

  • A roof that needs replacement
  • Leaks in the flashing
  • Evidence of pests (such as mice, roaches, termites, etc.)
  • Inadequate insulation
  • Leaks around the tub or shower
  • Peeling, bubbling or cracking exterior paint
  • Deteriorating gutters
  • Excessive moisture anywhere in the house
  • Poorly done electrical work
  • Plumbing problems
  • Windows that need to be replaced.



If you spot any of these items, it is best to look elsewhere for a house. Items here will leave you with more financial burden and stress than it is worth.

  • Malfunctioning private sewer system (septic tank)
  • Uneven foundation
  • Located in a floodplain
  • Basement water problems
  • Inadequate drinking water


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