Puppies and Paddle Boarding

Puppies + Paddle Boards

I recently realized that we’re almost half way through the month of September, and almost at the end of summer! The puppies and I haven’t done many ‘summer’ related activities; I was finishing up my second degree, and then went¬† into working full time. During my days off, I was so tired , I didn’t feel like doing much! With the weather being over-the-top warm, we decided to get outside and have some fun; if only for a few hours!

We finally got to spend some time at the cottage; we were lounging by the river and playing in the water. One of my favourite past times is paddle boarding (if you haven’t tried it, you definitely should!), and I decided to see if I could get them on the board with me! After a lot of coaxing, I managed to get them onto the board, but only one at a time so far. They didn’t love it, but I’m sure they will warm up to it over time!

You would never know from these photos, but Kona actually won’t go ‘swimming’. As soon as her feet don’t touch the bottom anymore, she turns around as fast as she can and heads for shallow water. Zoey is a bit of a princess when it comes to the water and doesn’t even like to get her feet wet! If you have any ideas on how to turn a dog into a water-dog, please let me know!

What are some of your favourite activities to do in the summer? I’m always on the hunt for more dog-friendly activities for us to try! Let me know in the comments below!

I caught this photo at the perfect moment… she was definitely not this mellow!


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