Pro Choice: Call to Action

I have never created a political post on here, and up until Friday, I never thought I would. However, after learning what is currently going on in Alabama and Ohio, I can’t (don’t want to) keep quiet.

For those of you who are unaware, these two states have just passed a bill that makes abortions illegal. To further this, they have also passed that doctors who perform “illegal abortions” in these states will be tried for murder and women who leave the state to receive an abortion will face up to ten years in jail and possibly the death penalty.

I have been in “conversation” (to put it nicely) with others over the past 72 hours regarding this topic. To be completely honest, some of the things other women have said is wrong, and disheartening to me.

Pro Choice

I will publicly state that I am pro choice: I’m not pro life, yet I’m not pro abortion. I firmly believe that a woman should have the ability to make the choice that is right for her body at any given time and in any situation.

This morning, I was told that “I’m ‪okay with people choosing to kill people‬” by a fellow 20-something woman simply because I believe that women should have the ability to decide what happens to, and in their bodies. This individual stated that even a sack of cells is considered a human, and eliminating them would be murder. She went on to tell me that anyone who is not pro life is also a murderer for even thinking that way. It’s sad to me to see other women not viewing the larger picture, and being such closed minded that they agree with women being told what to do by other members of society that do not have a uterus of their own (aka, men).

Bodily autonomy is defined as the right to self governance over one’s own body without external influence or coercion. It is generally considered to be a fundamental human right. However, this “fundamental human right” has now been taken away from thousands of women in our neighbouring country. My heart absolutely aches for them.


Consider This

(borrowed from a post written by Julie Allen):

A young girl at the age of eleven gets her period earlier than most. You send her off to summer camp to be with her friends – she’ll have a great time.

Your baby girl gets raped by a camp counsellor. Sex education is not taught in all elementary schools, so she may not be fully aware of what’s happening. She gets home from summer camp, and misses her period. You bring her to the doctor to find out that she is pregnant. Your sweet, innocent baby girl is pregnant at eleven years old because of a rape that she didn’t even know to tell you about.

She’s eleven, yet she now has to carry a child to term, because the penalties in these states are so severe and she cannot receive an abortion.

Is this right? Does this seem moral to you? This is not the outcome women have spent years fighting for. This is a case of white, middle aged men believing they have a say in what happens to our bodies.



How many women who are sexually active experience a pregnancy scare at one point or another? A condom broke, you forgot your birth control, the male decided to try the “pull out” method, etc. You’re a freshman in university: out on your own for the first time. You cannot fathom bringing a child into the world and being able to support it. But you have options: keeping the child, adoption or abortion. What if one of these options were not available to you? You would be more terrified than you already are.

Being PRO CHOICE allows women to make the decision that is best for them. You can be pro choice, but still be pro life for yourself: because that’s a choice you (and only you!) made for yourself. Just the same, you can be pro choice, but have made the decision to have an abortion for yourself. This is a decision you, and ONLY you have the right to make for yourself.



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