Financial Goals I Won’t Hit by 30

Today’s post is more of a personal one, in comparison to the last several informational posts. I’ll be sharing three of the most popular financial goals that people set to achieve by 30 that I will not be achieving. It’s taken me a while to come to terms with not achieving some of them. I felt like I failed, and that I wasn’t going down the right path. But let this serve as your reminder that everyone’s paths in life are different. Just because you’re not where you thought you would be at a certain age doesn’t mean you won’t be there in a few years. It’s completely fine to not check off these popular financial goals when society expects you to. Just because you may have different timing and your own path in life does not mean you failed, or that you are lesser than those around you.

Purchasing My First Home

This is a major goal that many people set out to do by the time they turn thirty. This was something I had hoped to have done for so long. I spent so much time comparing my situation to the situation of those around me that are my age who were buying their first home. I thought I had failed. Of course I don’t know their particular struggles in life, but I definitely had some of my own. Because of these, it has pushed back my dream of purchasing a house by the time I was 30.

For a long time, the more I thought about this, the more upset I became. I really felt like I had failed. It sounds dumb now, but I thought past the age of 30 would be too late. I understand there is no logic to this thought, but the mind can convince us of many strange things. So many people I had gone to high school and university with had already purchased their first homes, and it was hard to be happy for them in the mindset that I was in. Some days I still struggle with a negative mindset regarding not being a home owner, but I logically understand it will happen when I am financially ready and feel financially secure. I will continue to save for my down payment, and wait for the perfect home.


Upgrading Household Items

From the list of goals to achieve by 30 that I found online, it went on a tangent about how you’re not in university anymore; therefore, your living space shouldn’t look like you are. They wrote about how you shouldn’t be purchasing IKEA furniture anymore, and how it’s time to ‘grow up’. The overall point of the article was that by the age of 30, you should have upgraded all of your furniture and household items. While I do agree that having good quality things can improve your environment and your mental state, I don’t believe it needs to be done by the age of 30.

I still have the couches from my first apartment, and my IKEA desk from when I was in university. While they may not be the nicest pieces of furniture out there, they work. I have more important financial goals to accomplish before spending thousands of dollars replacing perfectly good pieces of furniture. This will likely be done when I purchase my first home; this way, I know the pieces will fit perfectly in each room. In my opinion, it’s a waste of money to splurge on all new furniture pieces as a renter. I won’t be accomplishing this goal likely until I am a homeowner.



Although this goal isn’t completely financially related, you need an abundance of money to accomplish it – travel. People say that the best time to travel and see the world is in your twenties. While I don’t disagree, it’s not something I will likely be doing. Although I would love to see the world, being financial secure and set for the future is more important to me. Going on the trips I would like to would cost me thousands of dollars. At this point in my life, I feel more comfortable putting those thousands of dollars into retirement savings, debt repayment and sinking funds. I will travel eventually, but likely not before I turn 30.



I would love to know what societal standard goals that you won’t be achieving before a certain age! Remember, you haven’t failed and you’re not behind if you haven’t accomplished certain goals by a specific age; you’re simply on your own path.


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