Launched in 2018 as a community for millennial’s who are navigating through their twenties, The Millennial Approach is a quickly growing collective of go-getters and change-makers who are ready to harness their full potential, live more sustainably and gain financial freedom!

Whether you need a few tips on how to make positive changes in your life, are looking to learn what you can do to help our planet, or you need a complete overhaul of your financial situation – you’re in the right place!

Since you’ve found your way here, something tells me you want to do one of two things (or both!)…

1. You want to reduce your footprint, live more sustainably, learn how to make simple and attainable zero waste swaps, or just overall act in ways that benefit our planet.

2. Live a life of order and financial freedom. You don’t want to live your life in chaos, or owing money to others. Instead, you would rather build real wealth, set yourself up for future success, and live life on your own terms.


– Are struggling to make sustainable or financial decisions that are applicable to your personal life

– Are struggling to pay off or stay out of debt

– Aren’t sure what sustainable swaps you can make

– Are struggling to organize aspects of your life

– Are feeling overwhelmed financially and don’t know where to turn

– Want to make a difference to help the planet but don’t know where to start

Regardless of where you are on your journey of life, there is always room for learning and improvement. And in those regards, you’ve found yourself in the perfect place. Welcome, to The Millennial Approach to life.

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I’m the voice behind The Millennial Approach. I’m a late 20-something millennial from the east coast of Canada. I was born and raised in Halifax, NS, but I currently reside in Sydney, NS. Currently, I live with my two pups, Zoey and Kona.

I like to think that I’m well educated: I have a bachelor’s of science degree in psychology and a bachelors degree in education. However, neither of those degrees taught me anything about my current passions: sustainability and personal finance.

At first glance, you may be finding it hard to see the connection between personal finance and sustainability, but I promise you, the two are closely linked. We will get into the topic of intersectional environmentalism, which helps further explain the connection.

I’ve created The Millennial Approach not only to share my personal journey with you, but also to provide knowledge and education for you to succeed in your own financial and sustainability journeys… and beyond!

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Q// What are some of the zero waste swaps you have made so far (as of 2020)?

Liquid Shampoo and conditioner ➡️ bar form

Body wash ➡️ soap works bar soap

Plastic packaged lip balm ➡️ cardboard packaging

On the go plastic utensils ➡️ bamboo utensils

Facial moisturizer in plastic ➡️ facial moisture in glass

Regular lotion ➡️ solid lotion bar

Regular mascara ➡️ bamboo mascara

Regular eyebrow pencil ➡️ bamboo eyebrow pot

Tampons ➡️ period underwear or diva cup

Regular disposable razor ➡️ stainless steel leaf razor

Plastic Tupperware ➡️ glass Pyrex

Ziplock bags ➡️ stasher bags

Disposable masks ➡️ reusable masks

Plastic phone cases ➡️ Pela phone case

Regular travel toothbrush ➡️ bamboo toothbrush

Plastic shopping bags ➡️ reusable shopping bags

Colgate toothpaste ➡️ tooth tabs that come in cardboard

Plastic bottle ➡️ reusable bottle

Plastic produce bags ➡️ reusable produce bags

Plastic q-tips ➡️ last swab

Shopping all-new ➡️ shopping a mix of used and new (working to increase buying used)

Makeup wipes ➡️ face cloth

Regular Swiffer pads ➡️ reusable + washable mop pads that fit the Swiffer

Different cleaning products forever everything ➡️ branch basics concentrate (one bottle that is unfortunately plastic, but it replaces literally every cleaner in my home, and can last for over a year)

Regular hair elastics ➡️ plastic-free Kooshoo elastics

Regular dish detergent and laundry soap ➡️ the Unscented company’s refills (once this is gone, I’ll be switching to Nelly’s laundry powder that comes in a tin)

Regular toilet paper ➡️ who gives a crap toilet paper

Wet wipes ➡️ Tushy bidet

Tinfoil/parchment paper ➡️ reusable parchment

Plastic hair brush ➡️ wooden hairbrush with wooden “bristles”

Plastic comb ➡️ solid wood comb

Plastic dish brush ➡️ bamboo dish brush

Plastic dental floss ➡️ Waterpik

Plastic wrap ➡️ beeswax wraps

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Q// How many streams of income do you have
A// I currently have four streams of income – but looking to increase this number!


Q// What was the highest level of debt you’ve been in?
A// $42, 481.25 and I’m still working on paying this down. This came from consumer debt and student loans. My biggest reminder: stick to a lifestyle that your budget can afford!


Q// What do you use to track your monthly expenses?
A// I currently use my own budget templates (which you can find in my Etsy shop here). Use code “TMA2020” for 10% off your entire order.


Q// How do I teach for VIPKID, too?
A// Teaching for VIPKID has been such a financial blessing to me. It has been helping me to pay off debt and build an emergency fund. I would love to help you become a teacher with them, too! Send me an email if you have any questions []. You can access the application link here. Or, you can enter code [KATE00042].

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Instagram: @macdonaldkatee

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Pinterest: @macdonaldkatee

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I am not a/n…

– certified financial planner/advisor

– certified financial analyst

– economist nor a CPA

– accountant

– lawyer

I am not a finance professional through formal education. I simply believe and take pride in a sense of financial freedom, satisfaction, fulfillment, and empowerment that I get from being financially competent and being conscious of managing my personal money. The contents on this site and/or email course are for informational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial, accounting, or legal advice. I cannot guarantee that the information shared is appropriate for you or anyone else. By using this site and/or email course, you agree to hold me harmless from any ramifications, financial or otherwise, that occur to you as a result of acting on information found on this site.